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YogTub is all about your daily dose of pure frozen yogurt, low fat and packed with live yogurt culture. It's our most popular product and frozen yogurt experience. You would love it!


YogFru offers you a delicious yet still healthy frozen yogurt experience packed with three layers of sun-kissed fruits and wholegrain granola bar chips. Its crisp taste will win you! 


YogSalad is for all of you health and fitness fanatics who love pure frozen yogurt with a mix of fresh fruits. It offers you a balanced yogurt taste coupled with your favourite vitamin-boosting fruits!

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YogCone is our most popular frozen yogurt product among kids which offers Yogoo!’s natural frozen yogurt in a crunchy cone with a choice of both wholegrain and Oreo cone.



YogSmoothie brings together our passion for pure frozen yogurt and our selection of healthy, fruit-packed smoothies to re-energise your body. You would love its smooth taste!

YogJuice is your classic treat if you are into a pure, freshly-squeezed juice. It offers you a drink that boasts a selection of your favourite fruits. The most refreshing juice you would ever have! 

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