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Festival Place Welcomes Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt

Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt opens doors to customers at Festival Place - one of the largest and most popular shopping centres in the South of England.

Why Festival Place?

Our decision to position Yogoo! at Festival Place was a no brainer. Festival Place is an incredibly vibrant shopping centre in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Festival Place is one of Hampshire’s premier retail and F&B destinations making it one of the top 20 shopping centres in the UK and the perfect fit for Yogoo! 

Yogoo!'s Launch

Yogoo!'s outlet opened for visitors at Festival Place in early January 2020. We are super excited to bring Yogoo!'s premium, healthy frozen yogurt to an average of 425,000 weekly visitors to the shopping centre.

Check out a few photos from Yogoo!'s launch at Festival Place Shopping Centre :)

Customer response so far has been brilliant and we are excited to find out that we are adding value to the shopping experience of Festival Place visitors. Here's what some of them think about Yogoo!

"Smooth and creamy frozen yogurt. I tried YogFru with different fruit and crunch layers and absolutely loved it. Fresh toppings, friendly staff and reasonably priced compared to other frozen yogurt outlets in the SE and London." - Stephanie S.

Creating a Frozen Yogurt Culture in the UK

At Yogoo! we are passionate about educating people about the benefits of eating frozen yogurt and why frozen yogurt is generally better than ice cream. Here's a few reasons why Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt is not to be missed:

  • Yogoo! is a much healthier alternative to ice cream - it contains probiotics and live bacteria which is good for health

  • Yogoo! is made daily fresh every two to three hours unlike ice creams which can stay in a freezer for months 

  • Yogoo! contains 3 times less sugar (12g of sugar/100g) compared with ice cream which has 35g of sugar per 100g of ready product 

  • Yogoo! is low on calories (120Cal/100g of product)

  • Yogoo! is a low fat product which contains just 1.2g of fat

We are striving to create a worldwide frozen yogurt culture where we are actively working towards making people all over the world familiar with the benefits of frozen yogurt.

Location & Contact

Yogoo! at Festival Place can be located on the ground floor of the shopping centre at WW18, Wesley Walk opposite H&M Kids and GAME. Check our Google listing for Yogoo!'s opening times. See you at Festival Place! :)

Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt at Festival Place Shopping Centre, Basingstoke, UK

Address: Festival Place, North Street, Basingstoke, RG21 7BA, United Kingdom


Tel: +44 (0) 7904 464559

Order Online

Check out our menu and order your favourite frozen yogurt online on UberEats and Deliveroo.

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