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Here’s Why Frozen Yogurt is a Healthier Alternative to Ice Cream

Not many people tend to be aware of the health benefits of frozen yogurt over ice cream and why this popular dairy-based snack is generally healthier than its cream-based competitor. With this blog post we discuss some key differences between ice cream and frozen yogurt to find out which product offers more health benefits. Have a read :)

Ice Cream Contains More Fat and Sugar

The main difference between ice cream and frozen yogurt is that the former is predominantly made with cream while the latter has milk and yogurt as its base. The cream base of the ice cream means that this product contains more fat in general.

Whilst most frozen yogurt brands contain some fat, there are froyos which are fat free as well which unfortunately affects the texture and taste of the product. Rich creamy taste and texture are replaced with a more slushy, ice cream-like texture in fat-free frozen yogurt. 

As far as sugar is concerned, ice cream often has up to three times more sugar than frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt is generally low in sugar and so it is a good addition to your healthy diet. One can find sugar-free frozen yogurt options but artificial sweeteners are not always the healthiest choice.

Frozen Yogurt is More Nutritious

Undoubtedly natural frozen yogurt which is boosted by milk and yogurt is more nutritious than ice cream. Frozen yogurt includes important nutrients which are low in proportion in ice creams or not present at all. These include live yogurt cultures, vital amino acids and generally higher levels of protein.

Frozen yogurt that contains live probiotic cultures offers many health benefits including improved digestion and acting as an immunity-booster among others. Some predominantly dairy-based ice creams may have similar properties but the market is dominated by flavoured ones which contain artificial flavours and colours.

Freshness of Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream

As ice cream is a frozen product, it can be stored on market shelves for weeks or months before it is eventually being purchased by customers. This is not however the case with frozen yogurt which is usually made daily with fresh milk and yogurt and consumed by customers either immediately or within two to three days.

As the shelf life of frozen yogurt is much shorter, this product usually contains much less stabilisers and preservatives. Read through the ingredients label on any average ice cream in your local grocery store and you would notice that they contain different stabilisers, preservatives and flavours. They are often labelled as E410, E412, E102 and used to preserve the flavour and texture of ice creams and as such they are not healthy at all.

Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt

At Yogoo! we are passionate about educating people about the benefits of eating frozen yogurt and why frozen yogurt is better than ice cream. Here are a few reasons why Yogoo! Natural Frozen Yogurt is not to be missed:

  • Yogoo! is a much healthier alternative to ice cream - it contains probiotics and live bacteria which is good for health

  • Yogoo! is made daily fresh every two to three hours unlike ice creams which can stay in a freezer for months 

  • Yogoo! contains 3 times less sugar (approx. 12g of sugar/100g) compared with ice cream which has 35g of sugar per 100g of ready product 

  • Yogoo! is low on calories (approx. 120Cal/100g of product)

  • Yogoo! is a low fat product (approx. 1.2g of fat/100g product

  • Yogoo! is high on protein and essential amino acids

Here at Yogoo! we are striving to create a frozen yogurt culture internationally where we are actively working towards making people all over the world familiar with the benefits of frozen yogurt.

Join us on our journey to creating a frozen yogurt culture!

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